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PhotoPilot is the photography platform that gives schools and clubs ownership of their individual and group photography. It's easy to use, and raises funds for the school at the same time!

Create your school's unique template look and feel

Upload your photos, choose a template from the options available then personalise with your school’s logo, colours and custom text. Templates are available for photo layouts and email communications to parents and community members.

Upload student data

Securely upload class and student data from your student management system, then easily drag and drop student names when editing a template. Rows in group photos are automatically defined by facial recognition. Match student names to faces and you’re done!

Setup your webshop

Easily select products you want available on the webshop. Set your prices to raise funds and suit your community. Parents purchase online and get prints delivered or pick them up. Payments are securely processed with raised funds deposited directly to the school.

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